Our Story

EasySkins, Inc has been operating since 2017 in the market of CS:GO Ranked Accounts & CS:GO Skins. It started selling ranked accounts in the start then expanded further into trading of CS:GO skins & items. EasySkins has made it easy by bringing gaming products here in Pakistan that people strive to buy here which are not easily available and if are then they are overpriced. Selling gaming products in great prices to the customers here, living in Pakistan, has become first priority of business with best after sales support. The people and our valuable customers in the world of gaming wanted us to revolutionize the market of computer products with the best prices, we couldn’t hold ourselves and made this a part and primary business of our company.

Our Mission:

To redefine the landscape of retailing and e-commerce in Pakistan by working towards a more customer-centric business approach and to ensure customer convenience and gratification.



We are offering free shipping all over Pakistan which saves you a good amount of money on your purchases through us.


We offer full refunds for your items even if you have made a purchase and delivered to you, you don’t have to worry about it.


We have the best prices to offer that customers can’t say no at website. We  also offer price match or beating prices to customers, we won’t let you go unsatisfied.


Why Choose Us

Free Delivery

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Secure Payment

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24/7 Support

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